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WOW Factor at Navy League Sea Air Space Show

May 2012 GET Engineering displayed live NTDS signal links converted to Ethernet TCP/IP data packets within naval latency specifications. This technology promises to offer significant operational dollar savings as the Navy moves to new ship computing platforms.

Adm Jonathan Greenert, CNO talking with Dave Grundies , Vice President, GET Engineering.

Adm Jonathan Greenert, CNO, discussed the latest TCP/IP data converters with Dave Grundies , Vice President, GET Engineering.

The Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition in Washington, DC, was three days of seminars and demonstrations highlighting the latest maritime related technologies and solutions. The symposium provided an excellent opportunity for Navy policy and operational leadership to interact with industry representatives to discuss common interests and concerns.

As one of the exhibitors, GET Engineering Corporation garnered a great deal of attention from the decision makers of the U.S. Navy. Many of them were impressed and delighted to hear about GET’s newest lineup of Legacy over Ethernet products.

These products will help the Navy move forward with key new Net-Centric technologies like CANES and GPNTS. It is critical that existing legacy deterministic tactical sensors connect to and communicate with current and future command and control systems.

Senior Navy executives such as Rear Adm. Jerry K. Burroughs, PEO C4I, (SPAWAR) San Diego discussed practical applications of GET Engineering NTDS to Ethernet converters with GET senior engineers.

This new cost saving technology has been tested by NAVSEA and the installation of ruggedized versions is currently scheduled on undisclosed naval units for Navigation Critical Distribution System Upgrade.

Frank DeBaca, GET Director of Product Developmenttalking to RDML Moore, PEO, Carriers

Frank DeBaca, GET Director of Product Development explaining New GET technology to RDML Moore, PEO, Carriers.

Not only is the US Navy intrigued: the navies of NATO and Pacific Rim allied nations are likewise engaged in lab test of GET Converters for shipboard deployment