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Virtual NTDS was announced by GET Engineering

Virtual NTDS announcement in the SDDT
GET announced the launch of their Virtual NTDS product on Wednesday, January 7th in the San Diego Daily Transcript.

Virtual NTDS (V-NTDS)

V-NTDS is a revolutionary new communications method for Navy Tactical Data Systems (NTDS). Expensive dedicated NTDS adapters and bulky costly cables are no longer necessary for NTDS communication. Your existing system resources are used to transfer NTDS signals between devices. Adaptable APIs allow you to continue to use your qualified applications with little or no modification. Learn more on on the Virtual NTDS Product page.


GET is currently demonstrating V-NTDS at the Surface Navy Association 27th National Symposium January 13-15, 2015.  There will be other demonstrations of V-NTDS at trade shows throughout the year. Check out the Events page to see were GET will be next.